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Nordic-Sports - the healthiest way of endurance sports!
Nordic Sports is not only a winter sport, it is a way of life – during summer and winter. Using the upper body (with poles) you get a complete body workout.
There are a wide range of disciplines, from fitness to high level sport.

Nordic Skiing (Olympic Sport)
The South African Nordic team is represented by two international athletes: Oliver Kraas, (born in Germiston/ Gauteng), is the only African athlete qualified for the FIS Nordic World Cup at present. With his team-mate Bevan Ferreira, they participated in the Team Sprint at the 2005 FIS Nordic World Ski Championships in Oberstdorf / Germany. Bevan Ferreira was born in Cape Town in the Western Cape.

Oliver Kraas
Nordic Rollski / Cross Skating. Nordic Rollski is the snowless summer alternative to Nordic Skiing and gives everybody the chance to do Nordic Skiing. It started as summer training 30 years ago and developed into an independent summer sport with its own World Championship and World Cup.
Oliver Kraas has represented South Africa at the 2005 and 2007 FIS Rollski World Championships. With his 9th place in the 'pursuit' event at the 2008 FIS Rollski World Cup, held in Leipzig / Germany, he achieved the best African Nordic World Cup result ever (3rd split time).

Nordic Cross Skating is the off-road option of Rollski. It is the latest trend in Nordic Sport and compares to Nordic Skiing. Like the other Nordic sports, is using poles for a complete body workout. This non-competitive sport brings you back to nature and moves you into the Nordic spirit. The off-road skates are equipped with 6 ¼” air tyres and brakes.
Nordic Walking is a dynamic walking style by using special Nordic Walking Poles. This body workout is a non-competitive sport and 40% more effective than ordinary walking and jogging. This kind of walking uses more than 90% of the bodies muscles and enhances aerobic endurance significantly. The Walking Poles have special rubber pads and are suitable for all terrains. One can do Nordic Walking also along South Africa's beaches and/or in the mountains.

World Championships